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By UN Women, CARE, UN ESCWA, ABAAD, UNFPA · October 28, 2020

On August 4 2020, the devastating Beirut explosion shook the whole city to its core, taking the lives of 191 persons (120 males, 58 females, and 13 unspecified), wounding at least 6,500 , and leaving 300,000 people displaced. The impact of the explosion compounded with the worst economic crisis in the history of Lebanon and the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to significantly push back what gains have been made on gender equality in the country.

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Impact Reports

Girl-Driven Change: Meeting the Needs of Adolescent Girls During COVID-19 and Beyond

October 16, 2020

In light of the global crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic, this report draws upon available country data from CARE’s work as well as external sources in order to highlight the initial impact of the pandemic on the health, well-being and safety of adolescent girls as well as their access to, and involvement in, essential services. The report also provides examples of program innovations developed during the pandemic to profile the ways in which CARE’s work has been contextualized to address the unique needs of adolescent girls across sectors.

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Building Forward: Creating a More Equitable, Gender-Just, Inclusive, and Sustainable World Executive Summary

October 1, 2020

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have undoubtedly been, and continue to be, terrible for individuals, communities, and countries. Yet the crisis provides the world with a unique opportunity, an opportunity to build forward rather than back. The purpose of this report is to highlight how best this can be done, via a holistic approach to economic, environmental and humanitarian policies, and by putting women and girls at the center of recovery and reform. Through a comprehensive process of listening and learning, including reviewing hundreds of resources, CARE has identified women’s economic justice and rights, green and gender-just recovery, and humanitarian response reforms as being key to building forward from COVID-19. Funding the prevention and treatment of the pandemic in a gender-equitable manner will be a critical tool in taking this approach forward.

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Enabling Inclusive Food Systems

September 22, 2020

CARE’s Food and Water Systems Annual Report on our reach and impacts within CARE’s food systems approach to address inequalities in food systems for the world we seek – one with food security, access to clean water, improved nutrition, and climate justice for all. Against CARE’s global Food and Nutrition Security and Climate Change Resilience indicators, this report features 19 projects, plus CARE’s ongoing COVID response data, across 17 countries, and includes suggested key actions for policymakers, donors and national governments, the private sector, and individuals to drive a gender-just transformation in food systems.

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