Women's Empowerment

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CARE continues to push the cutting edge of finding answers to the toughest questions of how to create gender equality.  We work across all of CARE's countries and sectors to look for new ideas and document successes (and failures) so we can share with practionners, program staff, and decision-makers.  We conduct research on all aspects of gender integration. 

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Get in touch with on of our experts on Gender and Empowerment

Doris Bartel, Director of Gender and Empowerment

Theresa Hwang, Gender Director

Erin Kennedy, Senior Advisor for Advocacy and Partnership

Carol Boender, Director, Tipping Point Project

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CARE has been pursuing gender equality as a key priority since 1993.  After more than 20 years of efforts, we know a lot about what it takes to put gender equality at the heart of our programming and our organization.  Take a look at how we got here