CARE Hack: Capturing the Mist

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High in Ecuadorian cloud forest, CARE is testing a program to help families harvest water from the air for drinking and washing.

On a foggy day, the mist collection system – made of a stainless steel screen, PVC piping, a water collection bucket and sensors – can net up to 200 liters of water, which is then filtered and ready for use in the home.

Before the system was installed three months ago, Maria and her daughter walked down to the river and back up the mountain carrying heavy buckets of water whenever her extended family of 11 cooked, bathed or cleaned the dishes.

Girl Most Likely To: Be a Healthcare Role Model

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Water is essential to life. And yet it could have kept Susan out of school for good.


“I remember feeling sick often. Stomach pains and diarrhea made it quite difficult to concentrate in class. [I]n one instance, I was so sick that my parents had to take me to the hospital,” says Susan, age 14.

Illness not only made her miss class, but put a financial strain on her family when they had to pay hospital fees.

CARE's Water Work

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Our life-changing and lifesaving water programs help:

  • People with clean, safe water, especially during times of disaster
  • Schools learn the link between education and water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Families increase access to water through pumps, wells and storage containers
  • Governments with water policy, waste management and garbage collection
  • Farmers learn how to efficiently use water for irrigation and livestock rearing
  • Marginalized groups learn about their legal rights to water
  • And much more

Kididi Hope

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My name is Maria Elisabeth Avindio. In 1989, a war broke out in the area around Andulo – the town where I used to live here in Angola – and my family was in danger living there. My husband decided to stay but sent our son and I to live with relatives in Luanda, the country’s capital and largest city.  It has been ten years since I heard from my husband. I remarried and had two more kids.