Men & Boys

Croatia IMAGES Report

Report on findings from the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES) work, including the Croatia findings, where CARE was the lead research partner.

GED 501: Engaging Men and Boys

Our Gender Equity and Diversity 501 curriculum is a practionners' training manual for working with staff on how to engage men and boys in programming, and how engaging men and boys for women’s empowerment benefits everyone.

Broadening Gender

CARE International Sri Lanka’s ‘Empowering Men to Engage and Redefine Gender Equality’ (EMERGE) project is a pioneering effort that addresses persistent issues of gender inequality and GBV through the engagement of men.

Bangladesh Masculinities

CARE's work on Food Security in the Ultra Poor in Bangladesh (FSUP) indicates that the changes for women can only happen if there are broader changes in their environments and communities.  This means working with men and boys to help increase women's mobility and access to resources.  To this en