Men & Boys

Brief: Intergenerational Transmission of GBV in Education

This 5 page brief discusses what we know about GBV in education and how childhood exposure to GBV impacts behavior later in life.  It includes promising strategies for preventing GBV.

Mind the Gap

Exploring Gender Dynamics of CARE Rwanda’s Village Savings and Loan Programming

Journey's of Transformation

This 88 page manual describes CARE's work in Rwanda on engaging men as allies in women's economic empowerment.

Engaging Men and Boys for Gender Equality

This ten page brief lays out CARE's framework for engaging men and boys and presents stories of change using this methodology.

Engaging Men and Boys: Lessons Learned

This 12 page brief lays out lessons learned from CARE's learning intiative on Engaging Men and Boys.

Policy Brief | The Abatangamuco:

Engaging Men for Women’s Empowerment in Burundi