Girls' Education

Naomi, a Champion Mother

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Naomi lives in central Malawi. Here we say women like Naomi are born with a "man’s heart." She overcame much adversity in her life and uses that horrible situation to inspire others around her.

Born in Zimbabwe as Elle Tina, she was the third of seven children. At 15, Naomi was raped and became pregnant with her son, Wally. She later changed her name to Naomi, inspired by Naomi in the Bible who also faced troubles but overcame them through courage.

The Long Road to School in Cambodia

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Bouvanna Nhem crosses a river during her 8-mile hike to school. Arriving late and out of breath, it’s hard to concentrate in class. Making the long trek each day wears her out. For Bouvanna, the daughter of a poor farming family in Cambodia’s remote Ratanakiri province, school seems to be slipping further out of reach. She eventually drops out because of the distance and cost of secondary education.

Ana Becomes a Leader

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Ana Cecilia Cortez, 14, comes from humble beginnings. The ninth-grader is the youngest of five children and the only girl in a family that farms corn, vegetables and coffee. Her tight-knit family nearly broke apart a few years ago when their house caught fire. Ana’s father was severely burned and unable to work for several months. Teachers and other community members collected donations to help her family get through hard times.

We Can Win

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Manjura and Mansura sisters -- 7 and 8 years old, respectively -- who live in the Shastri Park slum of Delhi, India. The slum is located near the railway line and their cottage is right alongside a train track where many children have died or been injured. Their vulnerabilities are further exacerbated by the lack of water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, unavailability of electricity and poor educational facilities in the area.