Family Planning

CARE Uncovers a Strong Force of Support in Chad

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CARE’s Supporting Access to Family Planning and Post Abortion Care (SAFPAC) initiative, operating in Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo and Pakistan, integrates essential sexual and reproductive health services into new and ongoing humanitarian emergencies, emphasizing access to family planning and post-abortion care. SAFPAC’s experience has shown that a progressive policy environment contributes to expanding women’s access to reproductive health services.

Using All Means to Reduce Maternal Mortality

Tékponon Jikuagou (TJ), which loosely translates to “using all means to reduce maternal mortality,” is an innovative project designed to address unmet need for family planning in Benin by intervening through women’s and men’s social networks.   

Funded by USAID-funded, TJ is implemented by a consortium led by Georgetown University’s Institute for Reproductive Health, in collaboration with CARE and Plan International.