Education Plus: A Policy Agenda to Unlock the Power of Girls

The world’s future will be largely shaped by today’s girls and tomorrow’s women. A growing body of evidence indicates that girls’ well-being is critical to progress on a range of developmental outcomes: an educated girl is more likely to delay marriage and childbirth, enjoy greater income and productivity and raise fewer, healthier and better-educated children.1 Indeed, investments in girls’ education may go further than any other spending in global development.

What Happens When You Mix Clean Water, Soap and Students?

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School attendance goes up, students get healthier and governments pay attention

For many poor families, an education is a road to a happier future and the school a symbol of hope and expectation. But in the absence of such basic amenities as safe water for drinking, soap for washing hands and clean toilets, the school can become a place of embarrassment, shame and disgust – particularly for adolescent girls.