Joyce’s Story: “When a girl is educated, she is a blessing to the family”

It’s a sunny Tuesday afternoon at CARE’s Nutrition Centre in Mankien, Unity state. Joyce* is sitting on the tiled floor breast feeding two of her children: Peter and Rose, twins of 12 months.


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'Yes, school reintegration is possible when you get money'

My name is Odette Nizeyimana. I’m 18 years old and come from a poor family, where finding food was sometimes difficult. Unlike many parents who think it is unnecessary to send girls to school, my father always promised me that he would support my education until I got a diploma.


Major New Education Initiatives Announced at Oslo Summit

Leaders commit to action on education in emergencies and launch new international commission to reverse decline in funding for education. 


Marketplace: Michelle Obama Promotes Girls' Education in Asia

First lady Michelle Obama is traveling in Asia this week to promote a new initiative with the Peace Corps aimed at closing the education gap for girls.


White House Taps CARE to Help Train Peace Corps Volunteers under Let Girls Learn Initiative

WASHINGTON (March 3, 2015) — More than 50 years after former President John F.


Foreign Policy: Egypt’s Generation Lost

A CARE Egypt survey about illiteracy rates in the country was featured in a Foreign Policy article analyzing the woes of Egypt’s education system.  



#AskTheExpert about Girls’ Education

An estimated 66 million children around the world are out of school; most of them girls. Investing in girls’ education is a fundamental to reducing global poverty, yet millions of girls face huge challenges when it comes to accessing educational opportunities.