CARE Knows How to Save Your Valentine's Day

The world’s taste for chocolate is growing, but supply of the key ingredient – cocoa – is not keeping up!  And despite the demand from consumers, cocoa farmers struggle to make ends meet.  Young farmers often leave their family cocoa business in search of opportunities elsewhere.

CARE Knows How to Beat Poverty with Donuts

If you want to understand one of the best new ideas for fighting global poverty, an excellent place to start is Biti Rose Nasoni in the southern African nation of Malawi.

Reaching Resilience Handbook

Over the last few decades, the alarming increase in both the frequency and impact of disasters has drastically affected the livelihoods of people living in both developing and developed countries.

Increasing the Productivity and Empowerment of Women Smallholder Farmers:

Results of a Baseline Assessment From Six Countries in Africa and Asia

The Farmer Field and Business School

CARE's Pathways program focuses on improving poor smallholder women farmer’s productivity and profitability by empowering women to more fully engage in equitable agriculture systems.