Reaching Resilience Handbook

Over the last few decades, the alarming increase in both the frequency and impact of disasters has drastically affected the livelihoods of people living in both developing and developed countries.

Community Agriculture Volunteer: A Successful Front-liner of the SHOUHARDO II Program

Agriculture is the single largest producing sector of the Bangladesh economy, and both the government and NGOs are providing extensive support to this sector.

Fighting Hunger and Malnutrition:

Ingredients for Success in Peru

CARE Brasil's Experience in Local Development

Since 2002, CARE Brasil has been contributing to processes of change in the Costa do Cacau (Cocoa Coast) region, Bahia’s south coast.

SHOUHARDO: Women's Empowerment, The Journey so Far

This 54 page document describes the SHOUHARDO food security program in Bangladesh and how it uses a women's empowerment model to dramatically improve nutrition and food security outcomes--more than any other program intervention.

Guidance for GBV Monitoring and Mitigation in Non-GBV Sectoral Programming

This 32 page guidance document is a practical guide for thinking about GBV in non-GBV programs.