Grooming Herself to Become a Police Inspector

Written By: Sharon Panackal

Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBVs) are upper primary government schools in India that focus on providing free education to girls from secluded and minority communities. CARE supports 746 KGBVs in the state of Uttar Pradesh, providing the students with quality education and developing them as leaders who are capable of connecting with and demonstrating an appreciation for others. Students’ leadership qualities are developed through class activities and management roles within various committees in school.

Munni Varma is the Cleaning Minister at KGBV Gaindaz Buzurg. Her role is to administer the students in cleaning the school building and surrounding areas and to make sure that each student keeps herself clean by taking baths, cutting her nails and wearing clean clothes. She makes sure that proper cleaning is done within the school campus so as to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Once the cleaning is done, Munni inspects the whole campus and thanks the group that has done the best work. Munni learned about cleanliness from her teachers at KGBV. Now when she goes home during vacations, she takes the same responsibility to keep everything neat and clean. She takes a bath every day, washes her hands before eating and keeps her clothes neatly folded. Moreover, Munni makes sure that her siblings follow her lead in keeping themselves and their surroundings clean.  

Munni dreams of becoming a police inspector so that she can prevent the general public and other police officers from giving and receiving bribes. Munni is good at running fast and cycling, so she is certain that she will be able to catch the thieves with no trouble. Munni’s inspiration to become a just police inspector stems from having witnessed corruption first hand as a child.  Once when there was an argument between her father and their neighbour, the police took a bribe from the neighbour and made her father the culprit, even though he was not in the wrong. Munni is aware that good health, strength and a high school education are all vital for becoming a police inspector. To get a strong body, she takes care to eat enough and get sufficient exercise every day. Her favourite activities are skipping rope and playing kabaddi.

Munni’s elder sister graduated from KGBV and is now completing a Bachelor of Arts degree, so Munni is certain that she will also be sent to school after KGBV. Besides, she has her father’s full support in becoming a police inspector.