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Education: The Journey You Cannot Walk Alone

Written By: Madalitso Banda

The wind is blowing dust and leaves while birds whistle and sing songs of hope that soon, the rains will be falling. The farmers are busy preparing their gardens Read More


No More Fighting for Space

Written by: Priscilla Sogah

Grace sat on the right end of a wooden desk with three other students, leaving little space for each pupil. With a little push from Grace’s end, the last person Read More


Grooming Herself to Become a Police Inspector

Written By: Sharon Panackal

Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBVs) are upper primary government schools in India that focus on providing free education to girls from secluded and minority Read More


Healthier Homes

Written by: Priscilla Sogah

“You never worry once you know your family has enough food to keep healthy,” said Mercy Oduro, a 40-year-old community health volunteer, during a nutrition Read More


Ray of Hope in Soya Farming

Written By: Madalitso Banda

The introduction of training for 600 farmers on sustainable agriculture practices among 80 VLSA groups has bought hope, relief and excitement among VSLA members Read More


Farmer turned Teacher Gives the Priceless Gift of Education

Written By: Priscilla Sogah

Twelve years ago, a farmer named Hayford Otoo, noticed that more and more children from the village of Kokoado, Ghana were not in school – and that the rate of Read More


Farmer Revamps Cocoa Production

Written By: Priscilla Sogah

Hayford Otoo, 52, became a cocoa farmer in Ghana at a time when agriculture contributed to about 60% of Ghana’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Otoo jumped onto Read More


Hooked by Their Unity

Written By: Madalitso Banda

Mc Tan Chikakula, lives in Sapezeka Village a typical tobacco-growing community in Kasungu District, Malawi where men like him work hard with their wives and Read More


Not Letting an Unbendable Leg Bend her Dreams

Written By: Sharon Panackal

Kiran comes from a rural village surrounded by a dense forest that is miles away from the nearest town. The small village’s primary offers children both mid-day Read More


Education is Important Preparation for the Long Run in Life

Written By: Madalitso Banda

Since 2009, Join My Village in Malawi has reached more than 18,000 adolescent girls, and more than 1,000 of them have received scholarships which include school Read More