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Cyrille N’guessan Kouadio, 82years, Mamiankro, Cote d’Ivoire, fetching water at the well

Building Resilient Communities with Community Development Committees

Written By: Priscilla Sogah

Through Join My Village, a partnership between CARE, General Mills and Cargill, CARE-supported communities in cocoa-farming Read More


KGBV Developing Strong Young Minds

Written By: Sharon Panackal

The KGBV Gaindas Buzurg in the Balrampur district of Uttar Pradesh is a beautiful school with colourful posters on the walls and student-grown plants in the Read More


KGBV Educates a Family through Sunita

Written By: Sharon Panackal

Malati Devi’s daughter Sunita is a class 7 student at KGBV Giloula in the Shrawasti district of Uttar Pradesh. Malati has two daughters and four sons and she Read More


VSLA Gives Hope to a School Dropout

Written By: Priscilla Sogah

It is a quarter past 10 in the morning and women, both young and old, are trouping to the community center in haste, chatting breezily, and faces full of joy. Read More

Mohini Singh

KGBV Education Builds Responsible Youngsters

Written By: Sharon Panackal

I met Mohini Singh, a KGBV teacher who teaches science, computers and art, at a KGBV in the Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh. She has been working at the Read More


Farmers in West Africa Face Down El Nino

Written By: Priscilla Sogah

It has been a scorching season of little rain and dry farms. The usually green leaves have turned brown and the once lush cocoa trees are pale looking without Read More


Finding Ways around Brick Walls

Written By: Sharon Panackal

Mamta Chaudhary and Varsha Singh are two alumnae from a KGBV in the Balrampur district of Uttar Pradesh. Both of them had joined KGBV seven years ago and are now Read More

Gloria Phiri

One day I will

Written By: Henry Mhango

Gloria Phiri doesn’t have an alarm clock to wake her up and yet each day when the sun rises she is ready to help her foster mother with household chores – the most Read More


KGBV Education Empowering Pre-Teens

Written By: Sharon Panackal

I walked into a senior students’ classroom at KGBV Pachpedwa in Uttar Pradesh to a warm round of applause and a short welcoming song. Sitting with the class for Read More

Nazma and Reena

Forever Friends since KGBV

Written By: Sharon Panackal

Friendships in KGBVs begin, flourish, and at times come to an end within the bounds of the school. This is often the result of the large distances between the Read More