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KGBV Education Empowering Pre-Teens

Written By: Sharon Panackal

I walked into a senior students’ classroom at KGBV Pachpedwa in Uttar Pradesh to a warm round of applause and a short welcoming song. Sitting with the class for Read More

Nazma and Reena

Forever Friends since KGBV

Written By: Sharon Panackal

Friendships in KGBVs begin, flourish, and at times come to an end within the bounds of the school. This is often the result of the large distances between the Read More


A Minute Walk to School! Thanks to Cargill & General Mills

Written By: Priscilla Sogah

From a distance I saw Lydia Obosu and her friends jumping with excitement on the school playground. It was half past 10 in the morning, the usual time for the Read More


Defeating Disability with the Support of Friends

I met Mansi Misra at Aouriya Nidhan, a primary school in Uttar Pradesh that Join My Village supports through CARE India. I had heard about Mansi and her learning disability which makes it hard for Read More

Aftab Alam

CARE Inspires Better Teaching

It was a cold afternoon when I saw Aftab Alam, science teacher at a KGBV school in Uttar Pradesh, teaching the students outdoors in front of their classroom. A handful of students were seated on Read More

Sabhiya and Sunita

Friends Become the Backbone of Support for Education

Written By: Sharon Panackal

Sunita Devi and Sabhiya Banu, who recently graduated from a KGBV in Uttar Pradesh, began their friendship with an exchange of New Year greetings while in class Read More


Mother Turns Change Agent

Written By: Priscilla Sogah

Mother Turns Change Agent


After spending a day with the people of Aki Kouamikro, a Read More


New Joiners Become Mentors to Each Other

Written By: Sharon Panackal

Rajrani and Anjali were always together at school. Every time I saw them in the campus, during assembly, lunch and while in classes, they stayed together. Read More



Written By: Priscilla Sogah


Having access to clean water daily is a blessing that could not have come at a better time for the pupils of Nsuta Nyamebekyere D/A School. Recently, Read More


Big Sister to Mentor at KGBV

Written By: Sharon Panackal


Munni Thivari is one of many girls in Uttar Pradesh whose dream of upper-primary education came true thanks to CARE and a KGBV. Since the upper-primary Read More