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23 CARE Scholarship Recipients Visit 40 Primary Schools

Recently, 23 former CARE scholarship recipients visited more than 150 students from Kalimadzitche, Malawi to attend a leadership and mentorship training session. During the session, students at Read More


Scholarship Brings Opportunity and Healing

Sella Nyirongo was born on March 19, 1994, and lives in M`nthembwe Village in the rural district of Kasungu, Malawi. In this area, education frequently takes a lower priority, particularly for Read More


Building a Food-Secure Future

To ensure a food-secure future, farming must become climate resilient. Around the world, governments and communities are adopting innovations that are improving the lives of millions, all while Read More


Building Her Future with KGBV

Written by: Sharon Panackal 

I met with Susheela Devi at a KGBV in the Shrawasti district of Uttar Pradesh. Beautiful, with neatly tied hair and a nose ring, she is a studious and Read More


Safe and Secure

Written by: Madalitso Banda

The bell rings. It’s 10:30 a.m., and it is school break time here at Wanyala Primary School, located in southeast Kasungu. Girls and boys are all running in two Read More


VSLA: The Game Changer

Written by: Madalitso Banda

Decades of experience have shown CARE that when you empower a woman or girl, she becomes a catalyst for change in her community. When you give her a chance to Read More


A 13-year-old Pioneering Positive Change

Written By: Sharon Panackal 

Seema grew up in a village far from the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in India, which has a below-average literacy rate. The village is Read More


Gaining Momentum

Written By: Madalitso Banda

CARE provides improved school facilities and increases access to secondary education for children, especially young girls. Management and staff of Santhe Read More


CARE, My Inspiration

Written By: Madalitso Banda

Selina Kamanga’s parents came from the Dowa district to Kasungu, Malawi, to work in the tobacco farms as tenants, back when tobacco was a high earning cash crop Read More


A 12-Year-Old Choosing Her Own Path

Written By: Sharon Panackal 

Sweta has had a hard life since childhood. Her father was an alcoholic who spent all his hard-earned money on drinks, and because he seldom paid school tuition Read More