Pregnant Heroine Saves Lives

Lyza Inglit is seven months pregnant and she looks forward to the day when she can share with her baby the amazing story of their survival against the rage of super typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. 


Rebuilding Their Home, Helping Their Community

Aileen Militante's husband Edgar earns a living by helping build other people's homes as a carpenter. 

However, just as Aileen and Edgar wanted to build their own home, they were unable to do so because they lacked the resources. 


New Baby a Symbol for Fresh Beginnings

Wilma Cabatingan is nine months pregnant and due to give birth in a week. 


Partners for Recovery

Michael and Emma Dacillio have a good partnership as husband and wife: he takes care of their farm and livelihood needs; she is in charge of looking after their five daughters and running the household. 


Northern Mali on the Brink of a New Food Crisis

Bamako, Mali - Ahead of the Sahel Appeal to be launched by the United Nations on the February 3, 2014 in Rome, 11 humanitarian agencies warn that northern Mali is set to face another serious food crisis unless funds are rapidly mobilized.


CARE South Sudan Hopes Ceasefire Will Allow Access to Those in Need

JUBA (Jan. 24, 2014)—CARE welcomes the ceasefire agreement reached for South Sudan and hopes it will create an opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of people who are in desperate need of help.


The Guardian – Humanitarian Groups Demand Action to Alleviate Suffering of Syrians

The heads of seven of the world's largest humanitarian and human rights organisation who are working on the crisis in Syria have called on the international community to step up efforts to provide humanitarian aid.


Commonly Asked Questions About the Sahel Food Crisis

Chronic crisis?

"The world needs to accept that many parts of Niger and the Sahel are now in a state of chronic crisis," explained Barbara Jackson, Humanitarian Director, CARE International, in 2012.