CARE Hack: Think Pink

CARE Hack: Think Pink

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An intercultural approach to fighting poverty is complex. When dealing with indigenous people, it often goes beyond language to include a respect for local customs and traditions.

In western cultures, white is associated with cleanliness, but in rural Ayachucho, Peru, white is the color of death.

With a maternal mortality rate of 240 per 100,000 mothers, CARE was desperate to find ways to encourage indigenous mothers to seek care at local health clinics.

So we stripped white sheets off of the beds in the clinics and replaced them with pink ones.

The result?

More women visit the health centers, and combined with other health-related efforts, Ayachucho's maternal mortality rate has been cut in half!

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Congressman Gutierrez listens as Dr. Bacilia Vivanco, head of the Capacity Building Unit, explains how indigenous women give birth traditionally in the birthing room at the Ayacucho Regional Hospital.