CARE Hack: Clean Stoves

CARE Hack: Clean Stoves

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Currently, some 2 billion people worldwide do not have access to clean, safe cooking fuels.

This contributes to economic, health and environmental problems, including deforestation, and places an enormous burden on poor families.

CARE has significant experience introducing clean energy products in vulnerable communities.  

In Darfur, Sudan, for example, CARE introduced fuel-efficient stoves to reduce demand on the region’s scant supply of firewood – a source of communal tension and violence. 

In Rwanda,CARE has trained women, orphans and vulnerable children to build energy-saving stoves to reduce deforestation and provide a source of income for participants.  

Likewise, in Peru, CARE has successfully trained families to build improved stoves to reduce acute respiratory infections among children.  

$12 can provide an improved cookstove for a family, which saves time by using less firewood and preparing meals faster.