Scale X Design Challenge

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Put the 2018 Scale X Design events on your calendar now. Atlanta, GA – February 1, 2018. Silicon Valley, CA – February 9, 2018.


Teams with innovative, proven and scalable ideas are selected to participate in a year-long program that builds core skills for scaling innovations while delivering tailored attention and support to tackle their biggest barriers to scale. CARE’s Scale X Design Accelerator draws inspiration from private sector approaches to rapidly design, test, iterate and scale bold new ideas. The SXD Accelerator is a first-of-its-kind platform that arms development practitioners with the skills, mentorship, and resources they need to go from idea to impact. After grounding their work through core learning labs, teams participate in CARE’s Scale X Design Challenge, where they pitch their ideas—and their vision for scale—to a panel of expert judges who will select three winners for the ultimate cash prize!


The 2017-2018 Team

Cohort 1 was a great success with truly impactful programs. Cohort 2 is also impressive with a wide-range of initiatives, ranging from entrepreneurship training in the West Bank, bio-gas businesses in Ghana, youth-friendly health centers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to engaging men and boys in gender-based violence prevention in Egypt and a weather forecast app for farmers in Vietnam. The breadth of the programs, and levels of data supporting them, continues to show the evolution of CARE’s ability to work across sectors and regions

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Scale X Design Cohorts

Congratulations to previous finalists of CARE's Scale X Design Impact Challenge! 

Revisit the Excitement

Watch the highlights video from the 2017 Scale X Design Challenge in Brooklyn.