2014 Recap: A Dire Year for Syrian Refugees

CARE looks back on the last 12 months working with Syrian refugees. 

SYRIA: Images From Inside

An illustration of the life Syrian refugees left behind, images shared with CARE Syrian refugee volunteers, as captured by their family who have remained behind.

Young Voices From Syria

We asked five young Syrian refugees to share their dreams and a message to the world. What they had to say was both heartbreaking and inspiring.

More than 2.8 million people have fled the country

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Country Info

CARE began operating in Syria in 2013 by providing lifesaving emergency assistance to people affected by the conflict in Syria. We are providing food and emergency supplies to families, psychosocial support to children and emergency medical equipment and support for women.

Our Work in Syria

Child Poverty

Half of all children live in poverty, spending their formative years struggling to survive.  

Poverty & Social Justice

Everyone in the world has the right to a life free from poverty, violence and discrimination.

Child Marriage

Child marriage is a gross human rights violation that puts young girls at great risk.

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Four million children are devastated and an entire generation is at risk.

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Press Release

"Words alone are not enough.”

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Almost half of the population of Syria is displaced or in need of assistance.

Latest News from Syria

World Refugee Day 2015: Searching for Normal

Daily Struggle of Syrian Refugee Girls

The crisis in Syria is in its fourth year now.

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Growing Up by Force

After a 30 minute drive from CARE Lebanon’s Tripoli office, on the outskirts of the city, we arrive at an informal camp where Syrian refugees are staying.

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“Girls my age should be wearing school uniforms, not wedding dresses”

When Muzoon,16, reached Zaatari refugee camp, she thought that her life had come to an end.

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International Day of the Girl: Wedding Dresses Instead of School Uniforms

Ahead of the International Day of the Girl on 11 October, CARE International warns that an increasing number of Syrian refugee parents are arranging marriages for their daughters due to economic hardship and concerns about the security and protection of their daughters in an unknown environment.  


A Young Desire to Help

Maya is a 14 year old girl and one of millions of Syrian children displaced from their home.

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Committed to Meeting the Needs of Refugees

CARE is committed to helping the Turkish Government and the international community meet the needs of the new refugees who have recently fled ongoing violence in Kobane (Ain al Arab), Syria.

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A Wish Come True

The 4th of October marks the first day of "Eid el Adha", a national holiday in Lebanon which is also celebrated by millions of Muslims across the  world.

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The Families Behind The Frontline

The tension on the streets of the southern Turkish border town of Suruç, is evident by the number of tanks rolling heavily through the town.

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A Safe Space for Syrian Refugees

Since the beginning of the Syria Crisis three and a half years ago, at least 191,000 people have been killed – around 8,800 of them were children. 

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“We want to spread positive thinking”

Hiba, 22, volunteer for CARE’s psychosocial activities, talks about her experiences of how invisible wounds can be healed – step by step.

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