2014 Recap: A Dire Year for Syrian Refugees

CARE looks back on the last 12 months working with Syrian refugees. 

SYRIA: Images From Inside

An illustration of the life Syrian refugees left behind, images shared with CARE Syrian refugee volunteers, as captured by their family who have remained behind.

Young Voices From Syria

We asked five young Syrian refugees to share their dreams and a message to the world. What they had to say was both heartbreaking and inspiring.

More than 2.8 million people have fled the country

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CARE began operating in Syria in 2013 by providing lifesaving emergency assistance to people affected by the conflict in Syria. We are providing food and emergency supplies to families, psychosocial support to children and emergency medical equipment and support for women.

Our Work in Syria

Child Poverty

Half of all children live in poverty, spending their formative years struggling to survive.  

Poverty & Social Justice

Everyone in the world has the right to a life free from poverty, violence and discrimination.

Child Marriage

Child marriage is a gross human rights violation that puts young girls at great risk.

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Four million children are devastated and an entire generation is at risk.

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"Words alone are not enough.”

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Almost half of the population of Syria is displaced or in need of assistance.

Latest News from JordanSyria

“Sometimes we only had dry bread and water”: Volunteering Brings Life and Hope to Azraq Camp

Syria Crisis: "We want to return..."

On a cold and wet spring day in a rural community in north Lebanon, near Tripoli, a woman in sandals greets her visitors and immediately apologizes for the smell. Her family has found refuge in a shelter on a chicken farm. They are staying in what was previously used as a shed for animals.

Khadija and her husband, Mahdi, fled the conflict in Syria two and a half years ago. “Our village was under siege,” explains Hadija. “There was a lot of bombing. We had to leave.”

When they first arrived in Lebanon, they lived in an apartment, but they could not afford the rent. Now, in...

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When War Destroys Homes Inside-Out

Humanitarian agencies recognize that women are particularly vulnerable in conflicts, especially when unaccompanied by a male family member. Women are especially at risk when male family members have been killed, are missing, or in Mariam’s case, the husband deliberately abandons his family.

Mariam fled her village near Aleppo with six of her seven children after a bomb hit her house in May 2012. One of her daughters was married and remained with her husband in Aleppo. “When the house was bombed we left immediately,” says Mariam. “At first we went to another village that was safer....

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Childhood on Hold: Refugee Youth in Lebanon

Play time with cousins, math and Arabic studies, a favorite electric bike: Sara*, 12, remembers her life in Syria before the conflict that has caused four million refugees to flee the country, and another seven million civilians to be displaced.

Sara’s family, her mother and brother, fled to Lebanon one year ago with her aunt, uncle, and grandmother. A year earlier, her father had been kidnapped by an armed group. They have not heard from him since.

“My husband is missing; our house was destroyed in shelling; my brother was killed during an air bombing,” Sara’s mother,...

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Syria Crisis: Rescued Love Finds a Safe Haven

Ibrahim and his wife Fatima fled their home in Idlib, Syria to Jordan and have been living in Azraq camp for only 15 days. While this is their first time in a refugee camp; life in Jordan is not completely new to Ibrahim. “I worked in farming in the Jordan valley and Mafraq, and used to live between Jordan and Syria,” says Ibrahim, 26. “But when the conflict started I remained in Jordan continuously for two years and a half.” However, Ibrahim returned to Syria for the sake of his true love.

“Fatima and I had been in love for seven years when I heard in the summer that someone else...

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Syria Crisis: Finding Home Elsewhere

In April 2011, approximately one month after the beginning of the conflict in Syria , Fayez, his wife, and their six children had to flee their village in Homs. They remained displaced, moving from place to place across the country, for more than three years. Then, on the third of May 2014, the family crossed into Jordan where they were taken immediately to Azraq refugee camp, which had opened a few days earlier.

“I started working at the age of 17,” says 45-year-old Fayez. “It was a bit difficult for me to adapt to camp-...

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A Safe Haven for Thousands Awaiting the Return Home

Azraq Camp Marks One Year

Even though we have each been in Azraq camp for an entire year, we only met three weeks ago when I welcomed new volunteers at one of our community centers in the camp. It is not surprising that our paths haven’t crossed until now, since some 18,000 souls have sought safety in this vast desert area where Azraq camp was built. Every day we see hundreds of Syrians seeking information, hoping to participate in literacy classes, or simply wanting their phone charged. When we first met, Samaher was looking for work opportunities that exist in the camp but are...

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Factsheet: Azraq Refugee Camp

Syria Crisis: April 2015

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Mediterranean migrant boat tragedies show Syria crisis response insufficient

GENEVA-(April 21, 2015)— Humanitarian organization CARE is shocked by the recent tragedy in the Mediterranean, where hundreds of people have died trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean Sea. CARE warns that this is a horrific wake-up call that the world response to the multiple humanitarian crises and abject poverty in the Middle East and Northern Africa is scandalously insufficient.

In particular the war in Syria and the resulting regional refugee crises has grown far beyond the current available resources to address the enormous humanitarian needs....

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Syria Crisis: Aid Agencies to host “Life in Refuge” in Washington D.C. March 27-28

A visual display of the toll of four years of the Syria conflict on refugees

WASHINGTON-(March 23, 2015)-- March 2015 marks the 4-year anniversary of the Syria conflict, which has resulted in over 200,000 casualties and displaced nearly 11.5 million people. To recognize the anniversary, leading international aid agencies are hosting a two-day exhibit called “Life in Refuge” that allows visitors a glimpse of the plight of Syrian refugees through individual stories and...

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Inside Syria - Ibrahim: A Childhood Suspended

It never occurred to 8-year-old Ibrahim that his capacity to speak could so easily disappear. But after heavy bombing of his neighborhood, he inexplicably lost the ability to form words. The extreme fear he experienced during the bombing stole his voice, his mother says. Ibrahim left school after the incident and lost touch with his friends who had difficulty communicating with their friend.

A childhood like no other…

“When my voice returns to what it was, I can go back to school,” Ibrahim says, his voice barely audible and spoken as if by a small child. Shy before strangers, he...

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