Growing Refugee Populations Strain Resources in Chad

People fleeing violence in the Central African Republic seek refuge in Chad.

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CARE began operations in Chad in 1975. Over the last 30 years, we have continuously adjusted our programs in response to the political developments in Chad.

Our Work in Chad

Child Poverty

Half of all children live in poverty, spending their formative years struggling to survive.  

Clean Water

Access to clean water and decent toilets saves lives and helps families and communities prosper.

Poverty & Social Justice

Everyone in the world has the right to a life free from poverty, violence and discrimination.


By failing to close the gender gap in agriculture, the world is paying dearly.

Child Marriage

Child marriage is a gross human rights violation that puts young girls at great risk.

Why Women & Girls?

Why does CARE fight global poverty by focusing on women and girls? Because we have to.

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Nigeria Refugee Crisis: Two Women, a Shared Fate

Nigeria Refugee Crisis: Two Women, a Shared Fate

Gambo and Hadja both fled Northern Nigeria with their children to seek shelter and peace in Niger. Their lives are put on hold.

“How old are you?” The woman chuckles and responds with a smile: “37, I think. Last time someone asked that question, I said 50 and people thought that was too old. So now I am 37.”

Gambo Moussa sits on a mat surrounded by blankets, mosquito nets, buckets and other relief items. She chats with Ibrahim Boukari who manages CARE’s emergency response in the Eastern region of Diffa in Niger. Today, CARE organized a distribution of relief...

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Nigeria Refugee Crisis: Alive is Better Than Anything Else

Fana is 17 years old. But the horrors she has lived through in Nigeria are enough for a lifetime.

Gagamari used to be a quiet place. The village in the far East of Niger lies around 12 kilometers from the border with Nigeria. Here, in the heart of West Africa’s Sahel region, life evolves around the daily struggle to find enough food and water. Since late autumn of 2014, the people of Gagamari share what little they have with hundreds of refugees from Northern Nigeria who have found shelter here. Violence has forced them to leave their home and live in makeshift shelters...

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Nigeria Refugee Crisis: 40 More Mouths to Feed

Over 80% of refugees from Nigeria have found shelter in host families in Niger, most of them poor and chronically hungry themselves. This is an account of humbling hospitality and one woman’s strength.

"A cow has to carry her horns, even if they are heavy." Rahamatou Ousmane has an infectious smile. The 42-year-old mother of five wears a bright green headscarf and a dress of the same fabric. She is a resident of Nguel Kolo, a small village in Eastern Niger close to the border with Nigeria. So what exactly is the weight that Rahamatou is talking about? She has seven...

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Factsheet: Western Africa Refugee Crisis


Images of a Life Gone By

From female taxi driver and entrepreneur to refugee, Fatimé is rebuilding her life from scratch. Her entire life is spread out in front of her: vacations in Cameroun, her own store, her...

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Everyone is Gone

At 17-years-old Awa went through hell. Today, she takes small steps towards a better future. Picture this: a worry-free teenage life full of possibilities. Awa lives with her parents...

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Aziza Aims for the Runway

In Southern Chad, refugees from the Central African Republic pass their time hoping for a peaceful future. “I went out to get bread because we were running out of food. My family stayed...

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Improving Access to Family Planning through the Faith Community: SAFPAC Chad’s Religious Leader Committees

Dora Ward Curry, SAF PAC - Senior Technical Advisor, Monitoring and Evaluation, tells the story of her technical assistance visit to Chad in July 2013 Not your average family...

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Challenging Gender-based Violence Worldwide: CARE's Program Evidence

Stategies, Results and Impacts of Evaluations 2011 - 2013

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CARE’s influence on National Family Planning Policy change in Chad

CARE’s Supporting Access to Family Planning and Post-Abortion Care (SAFPAC) Initiative has been operating in Chad since year 2011. Chad’s national family planning policy has changed dramatically...

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